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The iPad Miracle

The iPad (Courtesy of Lilonet)

A glance at the media landscape may leave those wanting to jump into the industry a little bit overwhelmed. On the outset newspapers seem to be evaporating from the stands, headlines emblazoned with job cuts, foreclosures, buyouts …

A delve into the world of media theory and some of its close cousins prevents you from wanting to run away just yet. An understanding of the ecologies prevelent in the new media landscape, the influence of society upon the way we interact with the news and in return the impact of constant technological developments on society, help to paint a broad picture of the mediascape we now inhabit.

The world no longer focusing on traditional platforms has evolved in favour of the online world and its heightened capacity for sharing. storing, remixing and presenting information.

With an understanding of distant, almost far fectched concepts such as the extention of the mind and perception (mentioned in previous posts) how we interact with this evolving world and the numerous opportunities it presents begin to emerge.

It is with this understanding that the true potential of the iPad can be fully understood. A gateway between the traditional world of print, broadcast and radio media and the exponential opportunities for development in the online realm. The iPad provides an opportunity for traditional media outlets to present their publications in a modern format, allowing each story to navigate the land between video, print and audio. Publications are also able to begin to develop different payment methods.

The enclosed environment of the tangible iPad itself, owned by one individual, and the endless world of knowledge it unleashes through its applications and ability to connect to the world wide web place this instrument in a versatile position. In the future both the iPad itself and news companies may be able to embrace theories of the extended mind bringing information to the user (through an understanding of their interests).

The continuously developing online world and its interaction with our reality is constantly transforming the world we live in. Developing new methods of communication and allowing people the opportunity to express themselves. The iPad is just one device which, is at the forefront of this new media expression.

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